Pelatihan Chemical In Power Plant

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Pelatihan Chemical In Power Plant

pelatihan chemical

Pelatihan Chemical In Power Plant

Pelatihan Chemical In Power Plant. Power plants are inherently very complex systems. The challenge for power plant operators is to ensure maximum safety in all the processes of the water cycle. All components, including the piping systems, must conform to the highest safety and reliability standards. The piping systems in power plants, in particular, are exposed to excessive loads when transporting the acids and alkalis required for water treatment. Presented in the following are several processes in which aggressive chemicals are used and which can cause corrosive damage in pipe networks. This course provides and understanding of the role of chemistry in a power plant and the effect of chemical controls on the operation of the system. Unit efficiency, reliability, and availability can be adversely affected by improper boiler water chemistry. The results of a multi-million dollar overhaul can be negated during start-up due to improper boiler water chemistry.

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  1. Describe the theory behind chemical analysis and control used in the power plant.
  2. Discuss the safety requirement to be followed during sampling, analysis, and addition of chemical.
  3. Describe the procedures for sampling and analyzing various water sources.
  4. Describe the basis for the various chemistry limits imposed for different system in the power plant.
  5. Describe the mechanism for the various types of corrosion and how this corrosion is controlled.


  1.  Introduction Boiler Feed water Treatment Developments Treatment of Water
  2. Chemistry Fundamentals Matter and Energy Atomic Structure and the Periodic Chart Chemical Formulas and Equations Solutions and Solubility Solutions Concentrations Solubility Acids and Bases Ionization of Water Neutralization Electrochemistry
  3. Corrosion Environmental Effects Electrochemical Process Factors Affecting Corrosion Metallic Structure The Chemistry of Corrosion Galvanic Series Electromotive Series Alkaline and Acidic Solutions Uniform and Location of Corrosion Pitting Corrosion Stress Corrosion Exploitation Corrosion Fatigue Caustic Corrosion Hydrogen Damage
  4. Make Up Water Treatment Clarification Filtration Water Softening Demineralization Types of Resins Regeneration Resin Fouling Reverse Osmosis
  5. Boiler Water Treatment Properties of Water Boiler Water Treatment Feed water Treatment Contaminants
  6. Control Guidelines EPRI Guidelines Boiler Water Analysis Feed water Analysis
  7. Instrumentation Analyzers Sampling Water and Steam On-Line Sample Panel Conductivity Analyzer pH Analyzer Sodium Analyzer Chloride Analyzer Dissolved Oxy. Analyzers Hydrazine Analyzers Silica Analyzer
  8. Course Conclusion


This course is designed for fossil power plant operators and supervisors who are involved in testing feed water and boiler water and making adjustments to chemical pumps based on their analysis.  

Metode Pelatihan :
  • Presentasi
  • Diskusi
  • Case Study
  • Simulation
  • Evaluation (Pre and Post Test)
  • Kunjungan/Praktek (Menyesuaikan/tentative)

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